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Tikom L9000 Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo, Black

The Tikom L9000 AI robot vacuum pairs efficient cleaning with smart home integration via mobile and voice control. 360-degree LiDAR navigation constructs multiple accurate floor maps to enable room-specific cleaning schedules. Its 4000PA suction tackles embedded dirt on carpets and hard floors while the electronically adjustable mop scrubber ensures shiny hard surfaces. With a 150-minute runtime and auto recharging, this upgradeable vacuum simplifies whole-home cleaning through app and voice customization with Alexa and Google Home.

Tikom G8000 Pro Robot Vacuum, Black

Tikom G8000 Pro robot vacuum cleaner adopts newest mopping technology, equipped with an electronically controlled water pump and adjustable three-level water output, you can get to enjoy a completely clean home. G8000 Pro can works with App, including 5 cleaning modes: smart clean, edge clean, spot clean, random clean and manual clean, it also can connect to Alexa and Google Home, and also equipped remote control. Compared with other robotics, its powerful 4500Pa suction makes clean-up easier for Tikom G8000 Pro robot vacuum.

Tikom G8000 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Black

Tikom G8000 robot vacuum utilizes the latest mopping technology with electronically controlled water pump and adjustable 3 water levels for thorough floor cleaning. Its 2700pa suction power lifts debris from carpets and hard floors efficiently. Smart gyroscope navigation allows the G8000 to clean in an efficient zigzag path for 30% better coverage than random navigation. The large battery supports sufficient runtime before automatically returning to the charging station. Control cleaning with the app, Alexa/Google Home voice commands, or included remote across 5 modes.

Tikom V700 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Tikom V700 cordless vacuum cleaner provides powerful 450W suction with a max of 33Kpa to lift pet hair and debris from carpets and hard floors. Its detachable 7x2200mAh battery allows up to 50 minutes of runtime on low suction mode and charges in 4-4.5 hours. Equipped with a 7-stage HEPA filtration system, the Tikom V700 captures 99.9% of fine dust particles. The 180° anti-tangle cleaner head with built-in V-shaped roller brush prevents hair wrap, while the 6 LED lights illuminate dark areas under furniture. Convertible tools allow 6-in-1 cleaning methods to tackle whole home cleaning.

Tikom G8000 And G8000 Pro Brush & Filter Accessories Kit

Tikom accessories kit provides replacement parts to maintain optimal cleaning for the G8000 and G8000 Pro robot vacuums. Contents include 1 roller bristle brush, 4 side brushes, 1 cleaning brush, 4 HEPA filters with sponge, 1 filter cover, and 2 mopping cloths. We recommend changing the filters and brushes every 2-3 months to uphold strong suction power and cleaning ability.

Tikom G8000 And G8000 Pro Wipes Replacement Parts

Tikom mop wipe replacement kit provides 10 machine washable mop cloths compatible with the G8000 and G8000 Pro robot vacuums. With strong water absorption and rapid drying, these reusable mop cloths deliver efficient floor mopping.